The instruments I make are based on original guitars I have measured and studied in private collections, museums or in the course of a restoration work. It is possible to choose models by various makers of the early romantic period. I have built copies of original guitars by J. G. Stauffer, J. A. Stauffer, N. G. Ries, A. Fischer, R. Lacote, G. Fabricatore and I am gradually adding another models to my list. 

There is a great diversity of styles: different string lengths, tunings (eg. terz-guitar, 7 or 8-string guitars), materials etc. Some models are more universal, some work best only for the particular music. You can find a few examples of my work in the Instruments section.

In this Gallery you can see the documentation of Bogengitarre replica making.

The prices start at about 2000 Euro depending on the type, decoration etc...

Jan Tulacek

phone: +420732850677  mail:  
address: Mirove namesti 332, Dobris, CZ  26301, Czech Republic